Lovely beginnings…

I just came in after walking, Billie Sue, my 11 year old pug.  I love my neighborhood.  It is in the city, although not a hustle and bustle type street.  It is lined with big beautiful trees….so heavily treed that, even when the day is bright and there is not a cloud in the sky…only glimmers of the sun dance through the leaves.

And the apartments buildings are each unique, all built in the early 1900’s.  The one I live in is a soft yellow, with a whimsical secret garden that reminds me of my early childhood.  The building next door is a greyish blue.  And the one on my corner…ohh my favorite, it is Spanish style with lovely French doors that open on to a veranda.  It is magical and draws you in…and I always stop and with a gentle curiosity and wonder, who lives there?  Perhaps an artist who paints at her canvass all day while sipping mint juleps. Whoever, lives there has to be a character of some sort, it is magnificent and eccentric and a whole story could be written about the life of the person who dwells there.

And the apartment on the is lovely grey.  The woman who manages it reminds me of a character from a movie….I am not sure which movie, but she definitely belongs in one.  She is an artist and her apartment has an energy to it that begs you to be still and take in the surroundings.  You can tell that every single item has a story behind it.  My favorite thing is that she keeps a Christmas tree up all year laced with ribbon and beautiful silver ornaments.  And her laugh is loud, and from the belly and contagious.

I am often outside on the front steps, sipping my water and watching as people slowly walking down the sidewalk.  I think it is impossible to walk quickly through my neighborhood, because of the beautiful gardens and the lovely buildings.  And hardly a day goes by where I don’t end up in some conversation with some lovely person.  We may chat for a minute or two…sometimes the conversation goes quite long.  And as the weeks and months have rolled by I of course have met the regulars and it is just so fun to have a chat.

Francine a woman in her eighty’s walks daily to the corner grocery store to buy her dinner.  She is usually wearing a colorful hat of some sort.  She is a very elegant woman but in a understated way. And we share stories and often giggle about life.  One night I was outside watching the moon peak through the leaves.  Francine stopped and said “may I watch it with you?”  And that is how we met, watching the moon rise.  She is not feeling well these days and is having difficulties with her leg.  I have invited her over for scones and tea and she says as soon as she gets better she will come.